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After listening to the enlightening and brilliant conversation on On Being between Krista Tippet and Arthur Zalonc on how science and humanities can be integrated in the betterment of humanity, I feel compelled to say that I think it is high time the “movers and shakers” of the world such as, conservative political ands religion leaders, stopped playing “hard ball” with issues related to the stifling of stem cell research funding. If stem cell research is fully explored, it can bring about fruitful results in the challenging sectors of medicine such as neuroscience and oncology. Such results that can go a long way in bringing hope of enhanced quality of life to millions people like Arthur Zalonc who have been diagnosed with debilitating dementia –related conditions such Parkinson disease and those diagnosed with the various forms of dreadful cancers. We can not claim to have conquered diseases while such conditions continue to cause suffering to those already diagnosed and others who, due to hereditary issues, continue to live a life full of psychological trauma due to the fear of high odds of being diagnosed in future.
The whole world should pool all its resources into funding stem cell research rather than secretly funding expensive mass destruction war systems and space programs which, I strongly believe, are nothing but futile attempts to conquer the outer space while the “inner space” of our being is seriously wanting and ailing.
I have no doubt that stem cell research can herald a new era in which I can envision plastic surgery being taken a notch higher to a level beyond aesthetic plasticity to, say, neurotic plasticity where brains can be surgically repaired using stem cell technology to the enhancement quality of millions lives.