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The complexities of our world today make it difficult for the average person to fully experience all facets of life. Technological advancements have removed feeling and limit the possibilities of our imagination. The interview with Arthur Zajonc, Holding Life Consciously, brought me to the realization that with the proper mindset and effort one can experience an entire spectrum that I hadn’t dreamed was possible.

Zajonc points out that many spiritual traditions do not have practical applications but yet makes a connection between the physical and scientific nature of light. Once we commit to seeking out knowledge and exploration of our surroundings, light begins to transcend many levels of human existence. Light allows us to see what is, without light, invisible; we can see both inside ourselves and the world around us. In order to gain a truer picture of life and a clearer perspective, it requires that we acknowledge all of our spiritual and sensory emotions.

In his commitment to knowledge, Zajonc helps to bring awareness of humanity into science; two areas most don’t often associate with one another. As a professor of physics and contemplative, he successfully connects and intertwines his human experience with his scientific background, finding deeper meaning in both as he encourages us all to “…bring all of who we are to all the world is.”