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This podcast was based on a conversation between Arthur Zajonc who is a physicist and Krista Tippet. Zajonc tells the story of how his professor inspired him to become more interested in learning so he sought out information on different philosophers and writers. Previous to this occurrence with his professor, he admits that many things did not seem clear to him and it was his professor that was able to notice that he was having difficulties. Throughout his research of others, he discovers that he believes knowledge is simply an epiphany. It isn’t something that we can pick up like we can pick up an object. It is something that just comes to a person.

The conversation eventually leads in to Zajonc talking about how science was created due to epiphanies instead of processes. The process is what follows the epiphany to determine whether the thesis is true. At this point, Tippet brings up Steve Jobs which to be honest, I was a little surprised by. The fact that Steve Jobs created Apple which we all know as the company who created the Ipods, Iphones and Ipads, changed humanity as we knew it. Jobs’ one creation has influenced technology forever as will science as a whole.

In my opinion, I found this podcast to be one of the more interesting On Beings that we have had to do. In relation to the viewpoints of Jesus and Socrates as teachers, I believe that this showed a perspective of Socrates’ viewpoint. I say this simply because Zajonc believed the knowledge was already within him and that it wasn’t something a teacher could make him learn. However, it was the teacher who brought the problem to his attention just like Socrates helped the students find the knowledge within them.