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Holding life consciously 11/13/2011 This was an interesting broadcast. Arthur talks about a German scholar Gerta that believed that scientist should understand phenomena within themselves. Gerta believed that there should be a world view based on human experience. One thing he said that I found intriguing was that "colors are deeds and sufferings of light and darkness". The idea that scientist look at colors based on light and not as colors themselves. I think that we all do that. People look at the big picture (light or darkness) and don’t look at the smaller things in life (the different colors). Arthur goes on to talk about science being created due to epiphanies and not processes. The epiphany happens first and then we do the process to figure out if it is true or can happen after. When the scientists like Einstein were figuring out theories they took the implications of their religion, languages, music, etc. into play to figure out different facts. This intrigues me because that is how a lot of things I write about are done. I don’t care to brain storm ideas or processes to obtain my writing. When it comes to me I write, and I think it makes the work more interesting. The basic understand I got out of the broadcast was that we should use our minds to figure out different aspects of our lives through thinking, experience, and through what we already know. Religion can be done this way as well. We can meditate, think and use our past experiences, and seek knowledge to form our understandings