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The story of slavery is our story; we all live as captives, if we choose. If we choose to live in the spirit of freedom and knowledge, then we do say "All is well with my soul."

Joe Carter put that so well: "How are you doing?" is an inquiry; our ultimate answer is not of the moment, but of eternity and our investment in the matrix, the fabric of living, in this world and the next.

Yes! All is well with my soul!

To Day is a fine one: we are ready for a baby and while we are waiting and watching we are prayerful and filled with the miracle of this moment of an ti ci pati(ien)tion par excellence.

How wonderful that we can see the shape of the baby within mother's body, even as the mystery of of the full body, full face, full detail is held from us for yet another time: a promised time and place.

God has made a promise to us: this baby is coming; we have seen it becoming. The face, the movement, that we witnessed by means of the remarkable opportunity of the sonogram, that we witnessed each day by virtue of proximity to the mother, that mother witnessed directly and in essence all of this is the outward and visible sign of the mystery that God provides for us, to us, in us.....each day, each hour.

As we move today through our ordinary lives on a calendar day we've named Saturday, we are markedly aware of the extra-ordinary moments in which we are taking part. This is the mystery in which we are living everyday; today and tomorrow and all tomorrows, as we wait the "delivery" of the baby into our loving arms, we are charged and vitalized with the knowledge that we are woven into this remarkable fabric of life extending from that which we name "nature" to that which we name "spirit."

All praises be!