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As I listened to Joe Carter perform sorrow songs and explain the stories behind them, I
appreciated how well this history is captured in spirituals. This music isn’t the blues,
stuck in despair, but musical code and encouragement similar to the book of Revelation. Not being black, I
didn’t at first identify with it on a personal level, but what Joe said next,made it extremely
personal. These sorrow songs told about finding life and hope within a harsh, inescapable
reality. My own reality is that I lost my vision as a child. IN a sense, I am a slave,
because there was no escape from my blindness. During the past fifty four years, my path led
me through sorrow, pain, titanic struggles, a masters’ degree in mathematics, a beautiful
wife, two sons, careers in aerospace and the computer industry, and retirement. Looking
back, I know that I was in those sorrow songs too. I was forced to adapt and try to find a
blessing in the midst of tragedy. Ultimately , we will all sing those songs. Thank you Joe
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