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Speaking of Faith
Estate of Joe
Dear Ms Tippett and the Administrator of the Estate of Joe Carter:
Please consider granting permission to publish on the web and other media as property of the larger community the words and music Joe sang at about minute 12 of your July 10, 2009 “Joe Carter and the Legacy of the African-American Spiritual”.
I propose to insert in place of “Daniel” the name of another Bible person or situation, as in
“Didn’t my Lord deliver Ishmael, deliver Ismael,
Deliver Ishmael
Didn’t my Lord deliver Ishmael, why not everyone.” (Genesis 21:14-19)
“Didn’t my Lord deliver man-by-pool-of-Bathesda, deliver man-by-pool-of-Bathesda,
Deliver man-by-pool-of-Bathesda,
Didn’t my Lord deliver man-by-pool-of-Bathesda, why not everyone? “ (John, chapter 5)
That “why not everyone” spiritual takes my research findings into songs in the hearts of us all. Here’s what I mean: I am researching precedents and ways to form prayers for healing of entire congregations gathered for worship of whatever ailment of body or mind or community, individually or collectively, may be touched by that worship experience. My expectation is that whatever Bible person’s experience of deliverance is the subject of that worship service, can in that hour of worship become a similar deliverance experience of the congregation individually and collectively. Like Archemedes, the call here is for a lever long enough to move the whole congregation. This spiritual, climaxing in “why not everyone”, may be that lever!
I seek no personal financial gain by this activity. I would be happy to contract to share any revenues above expenses 1/3 to Estate of Joe Carter, 1/3 to “Speaking of Faith” and 1/3 to my discretion.