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Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child is dear to me.
There is a Balm in Gilead keeps me in remembrance that no matter what the challenge is there is a healing is available.
I commend Ms Tippet in this awesome and moving tribute through the voice, stories and songs by Mr Joe Carter.
This presentation is a priceless treasure to be explored and reverenced for generations.
It is as he said that secret door. It is a door that will invite others to walk trough and research the many thoughts he provoked. Maybe even visit "The naratives of The Slaves" to relize the true humble life of slaves in their own words. To me these songs vibrated and declared a greater presence and challenges one to seek futher evidence of the visit of God's Divine in the heart of one declared 3/5 of a human. Nothing but The spirit of Eternal Life could do this.
Perhaps this is when American was granted a soul and given a rebirth.
Praise God
God Bless you all on Being.