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DEar MS Tippet, As a former christian of many years turned agnostic,I always try to respect people's personal convictions(save for self-serving exploitive ones) However, I'm a bit concerned about how religion as expressed on your show is used to push a conservative political agenda. OVer the past two years I've heard at least two shows touting the virtues of capitialism and "cowboy capitalism"on the name of "spirituality". Never have you or any of your guests questioned the rhetoric of "social entrepreneurship" as possibly misleading people, to serve the economically privliged. ANd on this past Sunday's show , Nicholas Kristof got a free ride as he defended sweat shops as an 'escalator to opportunity" for people who work in them, justified the war b Afghanistan in the name of "security", and other controversial issues that"liberals don't understand". And while it's all fine and good that a nun was personally hand feeding starving children d oes Mr Kristof really see this as "hope" or a solution to world wide hunger? Or is he deliberatley misleading us to shield from accountability those financial interests who tampered with food prices to make food unaffordable to many in Africa and other continents? In short, I'm asking where is the critical inquiry that is so essential to public media journalism? Sincerely, Dana Franchitto S.WEllfleet, MA.