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The fine balancing act between exploitation of another's suffering and the need to tell that story of suffering so others are moved to compassion and action. Recognition, also, of our capacity to respond (with aid, empathy, and even the clothes off our backs and blood donations) to horrific images from a single event, while being unable to maintain that assistance and compassion in the face of seemingly unending tragedy to thousands of people at the hands of their own government. How does Kristof - and how do other individuals who continue to slog on in the face of such horrors - maintain their reserves of compassion and good will? Finally, a deepening sense of despair at the last observation: that the plight of women and girls is still so tenuous, and that sex slavery exists in such huge numbers (and I know this is a blight not limited to underdeveloped countries, but engulfs girls from every socioeconomic background even here in Ohio). Humbled at the ability of Mr. Kristof to communicate so effectively, and to sustain his high standards for investigation in the most challenging of circumstances.