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Journalism and Compassion
Can journalism be a humanitarian art? New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof
A Journalist concern about how issue on human poverty; can have the ability to be so overwhelming to the reader that it can deadens the sensibility and empathy of the reader toward mankind.
He feels that Journalist should go the extra mile and become concerned enough to share what happens to them after gaining knowledge about the hidden issues that they bring to light, and not only tell the stories but tell how it changed them from being not just a journalist but a person that can also make a difference in the lives of the people, and the issues they write about, and also tell how the change of heart came about.

Kristof shines light on situation and issues worldwide, such as in China (baby girls dying because of not getting the same nourishment as baby boys)

The story about the peoples concern over a red tail hawk verses hundreds of people being driven out of their homes is what stuck a cord with him, how can people be so deaden to the crises of humanity.

His endeavor became an inner drive to reconnect the reader to the stories of mankind. By showing that you can make a difference after being informed about human tragedy, because he realized that the reader becomes so overwhelmed after reader these tragic, horrific, terrible reality issues concerning human lives that we find it easier to simply shut down our bowls of compassion and turn a deaf ear.

So he step up to give a more broaden form of journalism by not only bringing the reader into the life of the unknown, poverty stricken, stories but ways that the reader can make a difference after becoming informed.