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I doubt I am qualified to identify interesting topics other than to first express my deepest thanks to you. You touch my heart. The story about the earth and Ellen Davis took me to a place that I go everyday.

I live in a city. The land has been wounded and ripped. And yet I celebrate its healing when I see it.

I ride my bike to work and everywhere I go. I practice Yoga while riding along the river and through beautiful urban wilderness. The spirit is so powerful and yet as I watch people in their cars they are isolated.

I am doing some research on cycling and have found one does not see it as exercise first, rather exercise is secondary. What is almost always first it satisfaction and mental health. I would have to agree.

The bicycle as a means of transportation is fascinating. For example it was the ball bearing that makes cycling 75times more efficient than walking or running. The energy contained in one gallon of gasoline is enough to propell an average cyclist 1,200 - 1,300 miles.

Most interesting is the fact that ironicly we have reached a point where our free ways are restricting our freedom. Consider that the Phillips Neighborhood in Minneapolis, one of the poorer ones, is completly surrounded by freeways, like walls. Human beings can not get across the massive intersections ... our children's grazing pastures have shrunk from 5 miles to less than 5 feet.

Just some thoughts.

In blessing and prayer we keep ourselves grounded in community and love