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The follwing thoughts came to mind after listening to this remarkable program. Thank you kindly for posting this interview with Ms. Davis interwoven with Wendell Berry's poems!

Placed Creatures Inconsiderate of Place?

What good is there in arguing for the Creation
over evolution, for example, if we are dependent on
and supportive of an economy, like our current one,
that desecrates the sacred work of the Maker?

We all share some level of guilt in this.
The question is how willing are we
to set our hearts, minds and lives apart
from the destructive economy
and move towards a peaceable, sustainable one?

A better economy, a more biblical one,
would be based on prudence,
on conserving and preserving
and founded on the principle that all

God-given riches have limits
that must be considered
lest we continue to be excessive
and wasteful, merely visceral
contumaceous consumers
rather than grateful children.

~Brian Lowry