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Weekend traffic of airplanes taking off from JFK and LGA roar in swift succession this Sunday evening over my little patch of urban earth at the outer edge of New York City. But I also hear the raindrops falling and birds singing, and the nest of an Eastern Mockingbird with its energetic chicks cheeping. I rejoice in a small perennial garden in its June glory, and the creatures that visit my flowers; pollinators critters in many shapes and sizes, honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, as well as the little snails snakes and toads that live here.

How desperately I need these signs of life and connection today and everyday. Especially important to avoid despair while the oil flow billows and unimaginable ecological disaster is unfolding relentlessly.

Has anyone read (in the July issue of Harper's Magazine) Stephen Stoll's piece in Harper's 'Notebook' section titled "Agrarian Anxieties"?

Another worthwhile related read is David Bentley Hart's "Athiest Delusions" published by Yale Press. From this volume's back cover: "In this learned, provocative , and sophisticated book, Hart presents a frontal challenge to the New Atheists' misrepresentations of the Christian past, arguing that the genuinely human values of modernity have their historic roots in Christianity."