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Why do our ethical feelings need to be vetted by scripture to know that damaging the earth is the wrong way to live? Wendell Berry walks on this "mangled land" and obviously a Voice comes to him about the harm, disorder, and violence that has occurred. There is talk in this program of the language of the heart. How about listening to that heart instead of needing to find in a book a justification for seeking justice for the land? If the Great Mystery is immanent in the world, is it possible that a voice comes to us not only in scripture, but if we listen... when we contemplate the Gulf? Ellen Davis states that in all our cultures the question of possession of the land gets separated from the question of care. All? Eurocentric. And this same person gives the advice to listen to and to meet in order to overcome inaccurate perspectives. Perhaps more vivid than reading the Book would be to listen to and to meet some Lakota. Watch their children wave out the car window and say, "Hello, prairie dog people!"