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A June Morning

Cool yet, the sun
Only just appearing
In a radiant chariot to the East.
Vibrant, the gold and pink
Originating from its silver center—
Pastel blue, lightly clouded,
Paints the sky's eternal arc.
Lazy misty hills, purple
Dull green, brown, and cobalt
Rise above rich emerald
Fringe of nearer trees,
Trees and hills yet unfeeling
Of sunshine's growing embrace;
Mountains beyond, stiff, majestic
Marbled white and shades of rock
Gleam crisp in fresh light.
Slanted shadows, glowing leaves,
Everything slathered in gold
Flowers granted remarkable wealth
By June's Midas's touch
Fleeting, the moment,
Though no eye that has seen it
Will dare forget the gilded earth.