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I am so lucky. I got to go to Aruba last week for my vacation. If any place on Earth could prosper without petroleum, it would be Aruba. The constant trade winds are so strong the divi-divi trees are all bent over. The sun energy is non stop. There are 10 shiny new giant wind turbines up on a ridge along the shore. There is a giant desalination plant making all the water for this little desert island in the Caribbean Ocean.
But, and there are still buts, the wind turbines are not producing electricity, according to the omlette chief in the hotel, due to "politics." Also, there is also a giant oil refinery puffing away in low gear on the island, awaiting a new financial bail out, according to the local newspaper.
Despite the buts, I found so much beauty and rest in Aruba, "One happay island.". I had time time draw two pictures, my first attempts at this kind of artistic expression in many years. My late husband was the family artist; I was the art appreciator. Now that he is gone, I have to make my own art.
Please enjoy my chalk pastel image of Casabiri Rocks in Aruba. It was done in Aruba while sitting in the warming sun, looking out at the beauty of the moment.

You are welcome to use any of the images in my Snapfish album; the link is in the URL below.