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This body of work was inspired by a special place. The Old Boston Neck Road, now a hidden path, was once a major highway during colonial times, is no longer an important thorough fair. It is over grown and winds through hardwood trees and underbrush. The magic for me, however, lies with the dry walls that run on either side of this old road. Stones, seemingly inert material, for me are gems that constantly change color with time of day or each season. The thousand times I have walked here, I wonder, who designed and built these structures and with what inconceivable effort? The energy and beauty found in stone reminds me of the biblical expression the living stone. With calligraphic brush stroke my process is a leap of faith that it will evoke a sensation of implied realism through gesture and the layering of colors using oils on canvas. I recognize that this process is a partnership between the art materials and myself. I frequently enjoy composing my work on two, three, four, five canvas format in an effort to extend the image. Breaks in the space between each panel are like the musical reference indicating a rest between measures. My work reflects a variation of compositions inspired by these walls, the seasons, the natural surroundings of southern Rhode Island.