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The following is one of a series of ten images and meditations on the ways and places we might experience the Holy. The collection is called, "God in All: A Gallery of Discovery" which I created through relief printmaking and the help of a letterpress printmaker in 2000.
Here is the image and an adapted reflection from the title: "God in Nature" by Cara B. Hochhalter

What is it about a wildflower in the woods, a lake at dawn, or a magnificent tree that fills us with a hushed tranquility that is surely Sacred? Natural beauty seems to be the reflection of life's soul. Could it be that as we observe, we recognize our oneness in the greatest of God's gifts, life itself?
Once while drawing endangered flowers in the Olympic Mountains, a fog arose filling the breathtaking view with a moist silence. I hugged the earth and began to hear birds relaying their calls. The sweet fragrance of the earth, the intricate patterns of the flowers and the distant sounds merged into one another filling me with the tremendous joy of Creation. May we ensure a future for this transcendent beauty of our natural world.