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I would love to collaborate with you in this or in any other project that you would graciously include my work. Your show is my 'church' on Sunday mornings!

This is a general overview of what I do but I have more images and verse. Please contact me if you want to focus on any particular aspect and receive more information from me!!


My subject of majestic vistas and portrayal of changing light echo the themes of the Luminist painters of the nineteenth century. But my work draws inspiration from other sources as well. I combine classical and contemporary. I incorporate my experience with exotic places and ancient cultures and explore concerns of perspective, scale and the passage of time.

I have long been influenced by Eastern Art and Philosophy. My extended horizontal formats and sequential series of canvases are inspired by the Chinese hand scroll and Japanese screen upon which a story unfolds.

But Eastern thought came alive for me in the American West. The I Ching [Chinese Book of Changes], which I had studied for years, draws wisdom from archetypal situations in Nature. By immersing myself in the wilderness, I was surrounded by the very phenomena upon which the ancient text is based: Thunder comes from the Earth, A Lake at the foot of the Mountain, Wind on the Water and so on. I began to paint these ‘changes’.

Thirteen summers spent with a Lakota family, camping on their land in the hills of South Dakota instilled in me an intimate connection to and deep respect for the Elements-physical and metaphysical. I came to know the spirit of the thunder, grass, wind.

This led to extensive exploration of wild American territories from New Mexico to Alaska.

I continue today to seek out the world's wild places from Equator to Arctic, to intuit the mysteries of Nature, and to preserve these sights and insights on canvas.

My paintings serve as meditations that reconnect us to nature and help to heal mind, body and planet.

Recently I have been writing Tanka verse to accompany my visual art and have included a duet composed on the occasion of a friend's death but one that expresses universal meaning. [PDF attached]

Meditations on Nature:

Art healing mind, body, planet