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I consider myself a food advocate. I feel that it's very important to know where as much of your food comes from, as possible, and that means eating as much local, possibly organic, food as you can get your hands on. There are two things in my life that epitomize this: when my family goes 50 miles each way to a small organic dairy farm to get fresh, raw, organic, grass-fed milk, and our families vegetable garden that me, my siblings, our families and my mother tends to at our mother's house. What I love about these experiences is how they have brought all of us closer together, because all of us participate in both of these activities, and it allows us to keep in contact and spend time together when we might not have without them. I also feel like we are passing on a family tradition to our children, and I say this because it was my grandfather who originally had a vegetable garden when we were growing up, and we spent many summers with our grandparents, so we were always helping out in the garden. I will always remember how much better the veggies from his garden tasted compared to the ones from the store. My family finally started our ouwn garden when my grandfather became to old to have one anymore. On the other hand my father's family, I have to give the credit to fostering a love of good food in me, and this has enabled me to understand the value of eating local food, because it tastes 100 times better then anything from the store, and it tastes even better if it's from your own garden, and you get the added benefit of helping out a small local farmer and the environment. It's because of these two experiences growing up that have made me the the eater I am today, and I hope that in passing these experiences on to my daughter she will understand their value and pass them on to her children.