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I wrote this after my father died two years ago. He and my mom lived at the time on the farm my great grandfather bought 100 years before. The land which may be passed on to others has been a part of our family for four generations and I can feel it!

Fields of Earth, Field of Love

The ground, the earth, dirt, acreage, the fields - are its names.

My home sits on it. Our roads lay across it.
It is one of life’s dimensions

For a century my family has planted in it, and harvested on it.
It has provided them with sustenance and life.

Labor has been given to it
and its fruits have been received with relief and thanks.

From it - corn and soybeans, hay and alfalfa, apples and pears, beans and tomatoes, watermelons and cantaloupe, cherries and peas have been grown and eaten and sold and enjoyed.

Beauty is seen in the growth on its acres. The tassels of corn and leaves of soybeans sway in the wind and tickle the heart.

Some of its produce is given only for joy. Marigolds, petunias, tulips, impatiens, gladiolas, geraniums and lobelia to name a few.

Now it is home for my father.
It is a blanket to hold him safe,
till we all live as joy forever in God’s field of love.