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I came to this country from Northern England wherein I was blessed with the most beautiful of surroundings that of the LAKE DISTRICT. With Beatrix Potter and John Ruskin as former fellow citizens of this exquisite countryside how could I not be aware of the wonder of the natural environment and the animals who inhabited the land and lakes! I brought this respect for the land, the animals and the ocean with me to Southern California. After university I became more involved with the nascent animal welfare movement and found that the moment I learned that an animal had to be slaughtered for it to be on my plate, something about which I had never thought of consciencously previously, I ceased to consume that animal. Soon I was a practicing vegetarian and after viewing so many documentaries on the immoral and inhumane factory farm industry I came to be an active animal rights advocate. I support many such groups with time and donations and am appalled at how indifferent many of my fellow citizens are at the cost of animal life and health to their over- consumming lives. I am ashamed that so many are indifferent to the pain of creatures who give their lives so that some individual can consume their body. I condemn those large industries that cause so much anguish to animals and who participate in the growing obescity concerns of our nation. I am so deeply grateful for those authors who ponder these important questions from a health, environmental or ethics point of view for they all add to the vital conversation that must and is demanding attention by consummers, farmers and scientists. Barbara Kinsolvers book will add to my vast and growing library of intelligent and insightful questions and some answers as to how to live a good and meaningful life.