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"Creation" – a production of Church of Holy Family’s Sr. EYC Art Group (Chapel Hill, NC)

Think about it: how would you tell the story of Creation, using paint? But first, linger in the stories of God’s creative work: Genesis 1, Genesis 2, Job 38-41, Psalm 148, and Psalm 19. Learn from the painted depictions of Creation produced by the church past. Walk about the physical Creation, mindful of its Creator. What motifs and details must be included to tell the Creation story well? What details delight you, invoke awe, and teach you about God’s work in Creation? What images will help your viewers see themselves within and part of God’s Creation? These are the questions in which the high school youth and leaders in Church of the Holy Family’s Sr. EYC Art Group have been immersed over the last year.

It is my hope and prayer that this project and the resulting painting are a means of training our youth and the wider parish to wonder wisely about God’s work in creation and how their lives fit within the story of Creation. -Paul Cizek, Youth Minister, Church of the Holy Family