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I am beyond the 'deeper meaning' of possession of land and it's care. For the first time in my life, especially with the Gulf oil spill, I am experiencing anxiety and get nauseous if I think too long about what's going on and how it's being mishandled.

Since a teenager, I have felt that if I had to choose a religion and the 'American Indian way of life' was a religion, this is the religion I would choose. For me they had a respect and honor of the earth that was pure and genuine and served both parties. I believe their genocide was the beginning of the outcome we're experiencing now. We have raped and pilaged our own planet and still don't get it...but we will; when there's no longer clean water, sustainable soil for our food or acceptable air to breathe, we will finally 'get the message'.

For myself, I try to live within as small a carbon footprint as I comfortably can stand. I am not a master here, nor is my footprint as small as it could be; the operative word is 'comfortable'.

This I know for sure, Mother Nature WILL have the last word.