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I have included a picture of my home in SW'ern Colorado. I lived here w/ my husband and daughter 2 over two years, in a 700 sq ft. 100% off-grid cabin: no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no running water. Much of the year we could not even drive up to the house, but parked at the bottom of the hill and rode an ATV up. Living this way, at a time when I was home raising my young daughter, was as close to God as I have felt. In so many ways. Because it is so labor intensive living this way, nearly every undertaking had a deliberate purpose to it. It is as if the world slows down and the opportunity to take notice of all the subtle little changes in the natural world, and in myself. I now live in Baltimore, MD, which seems a lifetime away from my cabin in SW Colorado. But I still have it, and the impact of living conservatively, deliberately, and in concert w/ my surroundings has stayed with me.