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Hi, I can't find the link for the upcoming sustainability photo essay project, but when I heard about it my mind immediately jumped to the the Hell's Backbone Grill in Boulder, UT and it's proprietors, Blake Spalding and Jennifer Castle. A better, more complete description of their creation can be found in their beautiful book of photos, recipes, and essays, titled With a Measure of Grace: The Story and Recipes of a Small Town Restaurant. My quick version is that two incredible women with a passion for good food and sustainability, shaped by their Buddhist foundation, came into an incredibly beautiful tiny town in southern Utah, and have managed to work with the overwhelmingly conservative Mormon population to create a Zagat-rated restaurant featuring organic, locally raised meat and produce. And did I mention the tiny farm town of Boulder nestled in the giant exposed slickrock of Utah's canyon country (the bones of the earth exposed in eve ry imaginable shade of red, orange, and white) is so photogenic as to defy adequate verbal description? Thanks, Misti