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Last year I had energy efficient replacement windows put in the old farm house I live in.
I did this to take advantage of the energy tax credit and cut down on the utility bill to save the enviroment and money. I have discovered this summer that I can open the windows at night and let the cool air in and close the windows in the morning and keep the warm air out. I have not used the air conditioner or a fan all summer in near record heat. My electric company burns mountain top mining coal and my heat comes primarily from oil with some solar. Last winter my heating bill dropped by one-third. So I am proud to report I am reducing my carbon footprint. Is this a sacifice? No, I actually feel spiritually closer to the earth and my mood is lifted everytime I water my garden with the rain water
I have collected in a thirty gallon garbage can and every time I check my electric meter and joy in how slowly it turns.