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I heard on SOF this week and last, that you are requesting input on how sustainability relates to me as an individual (to paraphrase). I have heard so many people around me say climate changes are too big for an individual. Instead, I personally believe that I can make changes in my own part of the world for good. So I bought a 100yo house which had a lawn all around it. I changed most of the lawn into sustainable landscaping with perennials, herbs, fruit-bearing trees and bushes, and a small vegetable garden. Since I know that for every kwh of electricity used, a pound of coal is consumed, I decided to have photovoltaics installed on my property to meet most of my energy needs. Furthermore, I am grid-tied so I am producing a little energy for my municipal utility company. Admittedly, it felt good knowing that in the last 2 weeks, I had produced enough energy equivalent to the cooling effect of 4 grown trees. Birds, previously devoid of my smalltown lot, now chirp away in it, too. So, I have developed not only a community example, but a small oasis. (I need to work on developing a picture of my PV array.)