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I took this photo this spring as the corn was making its first appearance; this plant is about 2 inches high. In 3-4 months, this plant will be 8 feet high.

I'm mesmerized by the seasonal rhythm of crops. From the barrenness of the fields through the winter, with only the dead debris of last year's harvest strewn about, to the fertile abundance of summer, when the fields are literal seas of green, back to the empty barrenness of winter.

My absolute favorite time of year is late spring, as the first glimpse of green appears, and my favorite crop to watch appear is corn. From this fragile little 2-leaf beginning will come a mighty stalk that will provide food for many.

This spring I needed a new beginning, and this stalk, and the seemingly barren field with little green sprouts poking through the soil, reminded me that new life begins quietly, but given proper nourishment and time, it will grow tall and strong. This image gave me courage to be patient with the transformation happening in my soul.