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I have two granddaughters, Maisara (age 3) and Gwyenth (age 4 months), and I must begin farming for them and myself. I am a 61 year old grandmother. I raised two daughters and worked as a social worker for nearly 30 years. Now I am looking for a small farm in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I am one of those people that always wanted to farm, one that Aaron Bell spoke about how maybe everyone would like to be a farmer. Farming was a way of living with my grandparents and greats and great greats, so farming is in my blood. My father didn't farm but he sold John Deer tractors.

So I am kind of old but not too old to start growing food. If I don't grow this season I will grow next season. Oh! today is the first day of Spring, 2011. My grand daughters will grow up on a small farm as they visit and stay over with this grandmother. They shall learn how to grow, prepare and cook what they eat. I figure this plan takes in a "deeper meaning" of growing and living both on and off the land. There aren't too many better ways to teach my granddaughters about sustaining themselves and those they love and care about. I can't think of much else I would like to pass on to granddaughters other than farming during the day and playing the piano together of evenings.

Well, I don't know how to farm, nor do I know anybody with a farm so I am reading Oregon Extension information. If you know of local farmers that I can learn from please pass their name and number to me, otherwise I'll figure it out. I'm really friendly, after all I was a social worker for nearly 30 years. This short story is my renewed hope for the rest of my life and my future generations of grandchildren. That's it.