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Your discussion on our connection to the land stirred in me the desire to bring to light
something very prominent in my immediate environment at this time. In my local environment
there is a very large percentage of people that are struggling to be very obediant consumers.
And this is to the sacrafice of much else that is towards life. Part of it is the need to belong.
A very strong drive. The other part seams to be a frustration. I am finding, personaly, that most
of commercial messages/interruptions are only succeeding by wearing people down by "nagging"
the customer to buy their product. It has come to my attention, being on a very low rung in this
economy, that people of means (the haves) really only manage to convince each other to do things
by "nagging" them to do it. They don't really manage to convince. The just wear each other down
untill they say "Ok, Ill do it just so you will quit bothering me." Not that it is good for them or any one else.
Just so someone else will get off their back.
Blessed are the people "without" (the have nots). No matter how much you "nag" someone "without"
they are not going to "buy it" because they can not. They just don't have the money and sometimes
the strength to "buy it, do it, build it". You can "nag" them untill they are in tears or they commit suicide.
They are not going to do it because they can't. They don't have. Blessed are the "have nots" because
they are the stabilizing force against the sunami of "nagging" in our every day life. They just don't do it
because they can't.
So back to my local environment. The majority of the locals here are exhausted by the "nagging" and
they try to make the "A" grade and "buy" what ever it is and then rush off to try to seek some refuge
from it all. All the time missing the point of the gift of life and this beautiful planet that came with it.

People are exhausted by this and don't realize that being an "A" grade consumer is not going to releave
the pressure.