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I was reading Christa's latest interview with reference to enlightened scriptural interpretation and the beautiful poetry of Wendell Berry with reference to contemporary poets like Mary Oliver. As a poet and writer with loving ties to a wonderful local band of poets I would venture to add that poetry isxa distillation of life's essence. Poets perceive through mostly sensitive lenses a world of metaphoric connect that is symphonic in its one ness. Poetry is a constant explication as is all art of such exquisite and hidden connectivity. We see these connects constantly in iteration and always through the unique eye and I of the poet. Art brings this into the open and we exhale that Aha! experience. In other words we are explicating a unity present in all things. A leaf could be a feather, a bird in flight or page from a book or its delicate traceries the veins in our hands. It IS all of these. A poet uses language in beautiful ways consciousl y and unconsciously milking the aural connects, deconstructing and reconstructing endlessly. Be leaf Be lief leaves me departs Relief Re leaf. We can play endlessly with this clay. Why we can do this so ever and always is the question nobody seems to ask. The answer will bring us all home!