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Argentinean born forensic scientist Mercedes Doretti had the passion in helping people since her early age. She uses her knowledge and skills of anthropology to help people to find the mystery of their loved ones. She toured around the globe and visited over thirty countries in request of the family victims to find out what happened to their loved ones. Sometimes when family victims complain about the disappearance of their family members, people accuse them of lying or untrustworthiness. Doretti thinks it is important to hear the concerns of the people and getting to know them better. One of the hardest project Doretti underwent was in El Salvador, where she witnessed a mass murder of over 700 people mostly children. A lot of innocent people are victims of these killings and their family member do not know their whereabouts. Doretti also discusses the importance of knowing , the family victims way of life. People are different and have their own of life distinct from one another. For example Christians/Catholics burial ceremony might differ from othe other major religions such as Islam or Judaism. I think Doretti has done a great job in helping people finding out the mystery of their family members and bringing a sense of hope to the family. She had the courage and care for people's human rights. And I wish we have a lot of people like her that are willing to dare in changing peoples lives by bringing hopes and tranquility in their hearts.