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I'm listening in Philadelphia at 7am on 8/10/14 on WHYY-Fm. the interview is a thoughtful wonderful discussion that touches me. THe parts so far that are particularly interesting are THe role of play in cognitive development, an Executive function Statement and more. And this statement which is something like, "The child's ability to play with other children tells more about future intellectual development than other criteria." The statement is interesting. Boys may take longer to sit still in class than girls. Well, maybe boys and all active children should not be sitting still but should be outside or inside playing. And, Perhaps, most homework for young children could be a short exercise at home and most of the work could be done during the day at school.
Thank you Krista for this show and many of the others that I enjoy.
-I'm surprised that the letters of the message I'm writing are all upper case letters. I don't like that very much. However, when I copied and pasted to another place the letters paste to upper case and lower case letters. thank you for that.
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