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I am a mom of two young children (5 & 7) and I am 29 years old. I have homeschooled the oldest since preschool, and my youngest has just followed along the whole time. Much of what Adele talked about in this interview is what a lot of us have found to be some of the top reasons for homeschooling our children. Although I am a Christian, normally thought of as the main group who homeschool their children, the number of unaffiliated people who have started to homeschool in the past few years has completely overshadowed what was once thought of as a religious-only movement, for some of these exact reasons.

So many of the things Mrs. Diamond talks about are the reasons we have chosen to homeschool. It gives our children *time* to be children, time to grow up slowly, to play for huge lengths of time, that just wouldn't be possible if they were in a public school system. We value the outdoors and spend many hours outside moving our bodies on hikes, playing in the sand at the beach, and using all our senses, learning through observation and play. These of course can be experienced by families in all types of schooling, but again, we have much more time to spend doing so.

I was also interested to hear her talk about memorization. In Classical Homeschooling--a group that follows the teachings of Charlotte Mason--memorization is started from the very beginning, including learning "difficult" things like historical events + dates, grammar rules, etc. So many homeschoolers religiously affiliated or not, are finding these things out by reading and listening to research exactly like this, and putting it into practice in their own homes. Peter Gray, a psychologist, also has research out in a similar vein about play.

Thank you for your research, Mrs. DIAMOND, and Krista, Thank you for the interviews such as this, which not only help educators and therefore, students, but that also have meaning and practicality for many other avenues in life.