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Note to Diamond: Enjoyed your lecture. My PhD described my system of education (birth to high school) incorporating modalities and techniques for creating and maintaining healthy bodies and healthy minds. It makes learning fun, progressing according to one’s abilities and pace, develops specific skills and learning skills in general. Teaches spiritual values aka good citizenry. Has Low stress environment (including foods and smells, etc.). Is Family-friendly. The system is designed to be opt-in from any school, any classroom in the country ( and with translation and some adaptations-- in the world. Can be in addition (after school, home schooling) or in lieu of traditional education. I had hoped to start a prototype in my home and build up to a fully functioning system (14 staff, 68 students, 80 integrated components). I would refine the prototype and then make it available for use by any one or any school who would wish to use it. Recently, I feel that I have “aged-out” and need something (support, etc.) to continue. Do you have any ideas about this or know anyone who would want to work at such an endeavor?