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I am a martial arts teacher. This is my 40th year of practice and my 30th year of teaching the martial arts professionally. I wish this kind of dialog had been a regular part of my training as an up-and-coming black belt instructor. It wasn't, but I am happy to, at this stage of the game, have a place to come receive the kind of information Ms. Diamond discusses.

"Discipline, the ability to exercise much more important than a high I.Q."

Yes, wonderful, the practice of the martial arts, especially for young people, may indeed have some merit (said with a smile)! Ms. Diamond, Ms. Tippett, Amercian Public Media, thank you.

I also wrote down:

"Leading a sedentary life is terrible for your brain."

The Covey talking stick reference --(and note, I'm going to encourage my rather large network of martial arts teachers, to bring THAT idea into their schools. The power of listening!)
"Learn things by doing."

"...keep experiencing it" (a reminder of the power of repetitive practice).

It's all in the discipline I've spent my life practicing/teaching, and it's wonderful to hear it so beautifully described. I have been reminded that I am, as a teacher of the martial arts, a part of the village, and that the way we practice fits into the story of Ms. Diamond's ideas and study.