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My story. My story weaves a garland like smoke about my admittedly small but wonderful life. Abraham Joshua Heschel wrote so beautifully about many things, but wonder was tantamount, and he used a ringing phrase I think about often, and that is "radical amazement". It is possible to have experiences of the ineffable, and SOF, on line, has been a source of so many delights, lighting the way, in myriad ways as there are so many people, who are candles and I see the small letter "i" as a candle. You can visualize this for yourself.

The candle that is within all of us, is soul. When people put themselves on the line, as so many are doing, in helping each other, that's "soul", a word that is hard to define but we do know it when we see it. My own story draws from two different experiences that I can never forget, as memory does have this ability, to draw us backwards and forwards in time, in a way of re-experiencing the moment and I have told these stories many times. I experienced a major coincidence years ago that could not have been random, drawing from two such amazing and disparate parts of my life and said, God, I know you exist. Give me more and I can prove, by way of a life, this truth, on paper. And I also experienced with a good friend, a vision that was real, of the Hebrew letters made of water following the rains, glistening and made of rain water, in the streets outside a synagogue where we had studied Jewish mysticism.

Something amazing has been following my life since that vow and that vision, and vow has turned to Wow, but so far I have been invisible, keeping this Diary which I call a corresponDANCE as no one so far either believes me or has shown interest in reading from parts of this Diary called in toto, and thousands of pages, of daily astonishment of connects via story. I call these letters, and it is, a manuscript, My God of Coincidence. I am not supplying the connects and I can say, with total humility and awe, that I am seeing something deep about words themselves across Babel and it is a new kind of vision and a new kind of dictionary, but I am not, categorically not, the first author. I am being so visibly led. There is no way any one person can experience this much daily astonishment of coincidence via story and not, know. I also deeply know we are all connected in more ways than we ever thought possible, and that this is not my story, but our story. And, as stories are for climbing, and as bells are for rungs, on that ladder, I am saying we are reaching towards the ineffable, and our struggles are not pointless, but about a river that runs through Eden, and it's deeply about this notion of opportunities to heal the world, known in the Jewish tradition as tikkun olam.

I just read on line about Adele Diamond's wonderful work in neuroscience and her beautiful work that is about dance, about the arts, and how we all need them, and how reflection itself is a key to greater health of mind and body. Reflection. Reflection is how a body of water in stillness, reflects the landscape of its surrounds, and it is beautiful to sit by any body of clear water, or any body of clean water and see how life itself, nature, ourselves, are so mirrored. Reflection is about drawing towards us, and into us, and beyond us, that stillness of being and that clarity of being. Reflection is the echoic connect in God is One, as what does reflect deeply in that stillness is this knowledge, of deep metaphoric connects that are about a unity, a unity of vision wherever one truly looks, that does go deep. How deep do we want to or can we go? Echod/echad, the echo of ONE that is the Hebrew word for God. To feel the awe itself, as Heschel wrote, is to go to another place.

God might be playing a game of what's my line, because there are just so many iterations of God these days and I am quite clear, in my own mind, that true Divinity resides in beauty, in the awe, in the wonder, and in the sharing of that wonder, in the wonder of good deeds, the wonder of seeing the beauty inside all souls, and the wonder that is about respect and love for all living breathing things, and also the inanimate. If we treated everything with care, as if all breathed, and hurt, even the inanimate, that deepest sensitivity would bring us all to a great new place.

Thank you SOF, for b RINGING to us all the love and passion of so many deep thinkers and actors in this cosmic drama that is LIFE. I think the message has always had great clarity and it is LOVE. All we need is LOVE. We are not alone. We are, all one.

In a time of Thanksgiving I want to write these words, because we all need to feel it, that special something, and when the birds fly overhead in such perfect V formations, it's for me a deep and loving message, as in their cries, that God is truly, "in the wings".

Happy Thanksgiving!