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I was energized by the Learning, Doing, Being show. It was a total different and connected approach to my own work.

I am a recent PhD working as an educational technology consultant. I introduce improvisational performance as a methodological approach to using technology in the classroom. I was a classroom teacher in the South Bronx and prior to that I was a Wall Street computer technology consultant. I'm currently working with schools in New York City, Jersey City and Detroit. I am essentially teaching people to be playful in their approach to collaborative learning and hands on project work using technology. My work is based on Vygotsky's theories and the recent work of Lois Holzman and Fred Newman who introduced me to performance and the innovative youth programs that they helped to create

I find it extremely exciting that neuroscience has discovered the value of dramatic play or what I call performance, in learning, brain development, and I would argue, the every day living of life. Imagine my delight when I heard about how video was used to show the children who made the kites pictures of children playing with the kites in Tibet and the joy that produced. Just yesterday morning I was Skyped into a classroom in Detroit where a project to create videos on math learning will be produced by students there to be shown in a school in South Africa. There are many people out there like myself who are looking for ways into schools to change the fundamental nature of what goes on there. I am one of those people who Dr. Diamond was calling for to do the research. Thanks to her work, social scientists and researcher/practitioners will have more science to support their work.

I am energizing and motivated by the knowledge that I am working at the cutting edge of the science of education and that there are so many people working across so many different disciplines who are converging developmental, humanistic approaches to education. Many thanks Krista for shining a light on this important work, please do more shows on innovation in education it is desperately needed.