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I am a dancer and performer and artist. I am also a teacher. My mother is a retired public health nurse who spent time in the schools. My father was a school principal who had been a teacher, an assistant principal and then became a principal. Growing up he shared joy and excitement with us. He and my mother taught us that the most important thing is how you treat people. I took their love of humanity and traveled and studied art forms, mostly dance of other cultures. I have incorporated my love in the art forms and my knowledge that children enjoy learning about these forms into my teaching. I have used the forms, the rhythms, the eye-hand coordination to work with students. I have also used masks and allowed the students to put them on and watched how their actual body dynamic changes as they do. They have a built-in ability to take on the personality, emotion strengthvulnerability of the characters. It is beautiful and exciting. For me, this is the most rewarding part of my day.