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Your conversation with Adele Diamond was brilliant! I came up with an idea to help my socially stressed 5th grader and the other 'nice' kids in his school.
Since 4th grade our schools have been presenting dozens of 'anti-bullying' programs with little success. With our sons, we have discussed the feelings of both the bullied and the bully. No matter how this subject is discussed, the bottom line is: bullying is a sad act that comes from and causes pain for everyone involved.
So here's the idea that popped into my head while listening to you and Adele this morning, based on how it feels to do something nice for someone else:
Introduce an old idea: "One Random Act of Kindness."

Each child, daily, during school hours, is charged to do one random act of kindness. During the last 5 minutes of the same day, or during the first 5 minutes of the next day, each child must quick-write about that deed on a small scrap of paper. That paper will then be placed in a special place (I envision a cracked wall, a special box, maybe even taped on the ugliest wall in the building - to beautify) without being read. The writing should include what the act was and how it felt to do it.
At some time (perhaps the end of the semester, end of month, moment of individual need of student or teacher) these 'happy papers', 'good moments', 'kindnesses', can be read to remind everyone/anyone of what kindness feels like.

I think the bully presentations are preaching. I think doing a kindness is experiencing. As Adele so eloquently put it: we learn through experience.

Now, please wish me luck in presenting and implementing this in our school!

I cannot express how much I enjoy your show. It feeds body, mind and soul. It is my Sunday morning. Thank you!

Warm regards,
Stephanie Stewart