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On Sunday morning at 7 am whether my alarm wakes me or not I listen to SOF. Some times it takes me a little time to full awake.

The program featuring Adele Diamond describes an education that I know as Waldorf Education. The motto of the school where I taught and where my children went was "We learn with Joy" Physical Action comes before the intellectual abstraction. For example, Writing or form making comes before reading. The whole child is educated. Thinking, feeling and willing are nurtered. There is so much more. I looked at the transcript but saw no mention of it. The oldest Waldorf School in America is the Rudolf Steiner School in NYC.

Am happy to furnish you with more info.

Thanks for all you do. It is worth arising at 7 am to listen. I know I can listen on line but there is something about that time that makes me want to listen then.