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I am listening to this show right now...
Ms Diamond talked about El Systema in South America.

Are you aware that there is a linkage to that in the US. In Baltimore MD there is a program funded in part I believe by Marin Alsop the Baltimore Symphony conductor, called Orch-Kids which is trying to bring that philosophy to Baltimore's inner city. Dr. Eric Rasmussen is one of the teachers in that program. You should hear him talk about young kids and music and what music literacy means to a 3 year old!

Eric Rasmussen, PhD
Chair, Early Childhood Music
Peabody Preparatory

As a special ed teacher I have been trying to work explicit experiences in executive function skills into my student's work. I am grateful for the ideas and framing this program provided.

Had to add this re your survey below
How often do I practice my faith? Go to church - weekly/ monthly...
Practice my faith - I hope every day. I hope I am living the core of my faith in everything I do.