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When I heard the topic of conversation I knew I was about to be impacted intimately, as a mother, teacher, consultant, community facilitator, religious educator, workshop leader, and writer. I am an adult with ADD who was forced to develop ways of dealing with the world that involved concentrating on application of my abilities. I began teaching when I was 15, because of a talent for sight-reading music. That intuitive way of seeing and working led me through a rather chaotic life of touring and teaching. I developed ways of facilitating creative process and ultimately I founding a non-profit whose mission it is to "provide access to the creative process for all people". I believe we are all born with intuitive ways of knowing and acting. I am not an academic, but I wrote about my experience, and my story was published in the Institute of Noetic Sciences Review. [Issue 50, December, 1999]

The interview with Adele Diamond was exciting and moving. It affirmed my way of knowing and doing and being that were rooted in experiences of childhood with a mother who was a creative spirit and who had a profound respect for each one's intuitive creativity. This resulted in a lifelong pursuit and development of processes that could aid in recovery of intimacy with intuitive ways of knowing for seekers. With this intimacy restored, we can experience healing of what, for many, have been crippling wounds of super-ego and the resulting 'hyper-executive functioning' of our own minds.

I was disturbed by the emphasis on the 'executive function', since I believe children experience much depression and failure as a result of integrating the super-ego. The emphasis on experience was marvelous, but the reasoning behind explanations of why children behave as they do seems much too narrow. Over the last 30 years I have focused away from the hyper-crippling effects of the super-ego. Those who have expressed interest and have spent a few days with me have been sensitive people from every walk of life; creative, young, old, well-educated, under-educated, law-abiding and outside the law. What I heard was a lot of pain experienced through learned reactive behavior that tends to replace the intimacy we once had with intuitive ways of knowing and behaving.

What I learned through this 'research' is the difference between the grief process, as we know it, and the creative process. According to Sophia Cavaletti, (teacher of Maria Montessori) these are opposing and equally important processes. I deal with a 'hyper-functioning executive' in my head every day.