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I thought that interview was rather interesting, especially because I am taking a psychology class right now in college. I was very intrigued and interested in what Diamond was saying. Her thoughts and ideas makes complete sense once you look back on certain things. Many children want to physically play and be involved with experiments, helping out, and being active. We normally scold children that don't do their homework and would rather play, but in her idea we should admire them and intertwine these two subjects together. These physical activities build our mind stronger and strengthen it. When we have more time to enjoy activities, we are happier. When we are happier, we want to succeed more and are more motivated. In order to learn, we need to want it. This idea makes complete sense to me and I get it. I thought it was rather interesting when Diamond was comparing how we aren't as active in school when we don't engage actively, but she compared a classroom seating as the same in church. Than why do so many people participate and feel part of a whole during church? Over all, I was really into this interview. Thank you.