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I was so excited when I heard this program, that I had to have my coffee in my bedroom to listen. I instantly went onto the website for Tools of the Mind and couldn't contain myself.

You see, I am a nurse and artist and have been for years very involved in early childhood learning. It began while raising my own toddlers. I wanted to figure out how I could teach them to read in a way that was most natural for them. I studied my children, observing everything that caught their attention and their reaction to it. I wanted them to retain the same excitement in learning to read that they had while discovering the world around them.
From that information, I created learning tools for teaching them to decode words for reading. Within a month my children were decoding the symbols we use for words, along with spelling and pronunciation and began reading independently.

My adopted son is developmentally delayed and I was told he would never learn to read. Unconvinced, I took him out of school, home-schooling him for 2 years, using my materials and techniques. Today, he is an avid reader and excellent speller and was able to attend a private school after the two years, paid for by the city of New York.

Since then, I've used the tools for tutoring children with special needs, with the same exciting results. Only one student took three months to achieve the success. She had a severe memory problem. She went from getting 0 in spelling tests at school, when I took her on as a student, to getting 100% after three months.
This child had been unable to read anything other than the word "A" for three months, to reading sentences and paragraphs. Her initial progress was painfully slow, but eventually progressed, smoothly.

When I heard the program this morning, I recognized that Leg Vygotsky's concept of Tools of the Mind, was at work here. The materials I had created and the format, facilitated the process, working together. I work with mothers in homeless shelters and in various venues showing them how their children can learn, effectively and how they can be instrumental in their child's success.

I also instituted a very early language, literacy and socialization program for infants and toddlers at a homeless shelter, which included story time sessions 3x weekly. The mothers and babies always looked forward to this and you could see the amazing progress in their learning. Babies increased their vocalization, listening and attention skills, as well as eye contact. Toddlers began requesting books and specific stories to have read to them. Mothers became more attentive and involved in their baby's learning.

I am going to try to connect with Tools of the Mind.

Thank you for this program.

I Love You