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Oh my gosh! You so hit the nail on the head in my world! I teach 5th/6th grade in an Iowan Catholic school. You pit words to my daily actions. I constantly tell my students they need to figure out how to figure something out when they don't know the answer. It's the process, not always the end result. I measure each students' success individually - not in comparison with others. This requires a HUGE trust factor, but I feel I work hard to build this component, and it works! Thank-you, thank-you thank-you!!! for acknowledging the value of those in the ranks, working to apply these values. I often feel I want to learn more about this topic but don't feel I can leave my students long enough to do so. Therefore, I am completely happy doing what I do and doing it well. Case in point ... in the Catholic school system, teachers do just about everything but drive the buses. I teach Religion, Lang. Arts, Math and then the content component of Art/Guidance. I do not have an art degree or even emphasis but because I have a passion for both teaching and art, I have figured it out on my own. Consequently, I have received the 2010-2011 Outstanding Elementary Art Educator of Iowa Award, given by NAEA. I am so humbled and in awe of the whole idea. I desperately want to go back and gain a better understanding of art but would need to take a leave of absence, and I guess I want to teach for others more than do something for just myself. As a side note, the Dalia Lama visited the University of N. Iowa last spring and I was able to take a class to study His ideas and them apply them to my art classes. I taught them to meditate, calm their minds and create an individual sand mandala...another whole story ... I can't put that experience into words yet. I would lovew to share this work with you if you are interested. Oh, and I LOVE to play : ) Thank-you again! Joni Krejchi