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I am a white male Christian, "free range" variety.

As a white male, I do not believe I am in a position to judge what any woman does when faced with pregnancy and life's challenges.

As a Christian, I seek to inform my values and understanding using the Bible.

Many believe the Bible is silent on abortion, but it is not. In Numbers 5:11-31, God gives us the rule that, if a man suspects his wife has been unfaithful, the priest is to give her an abortificant - if she aborts (if God causes her "thigh to waste away")then she is guilty. (See, especially footnote d at

Of course, not God's most logical rule, but the simple fact is that God uses abortion as part of His rules of life.

This is not the end of the inquiry, but for Christians and Jews, I believe this passage must be incorporated into one's analysis and that, at a minimum, it throws the "sacred human life begins at conception" into disarray...."

In His dust...