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I am a Baptist minister's widow--I wrote my first article 20 years ago for the FSU Flambeau entitled, "Is there a peaceable solution to the abortion war without compromise?" I have followed this issue through the years and have finished a book entitled, La Verde de la Vida: Wisdom for the abortion war. It is said to be the issue that won't go away; as divisive as slavery before the Civil War. Ending this conflict is vital. Causing havoc in our political process and draining our resources, this impasse touches us all and permeates our whole society--an example of the wrong way we deal with conflict. La Verde de la Vida transcends the history-laden labels of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice--it's neither and yet both. This is a book to stop all argument and can be given to the right, the middle and the left.

When we come to solutions, they are best for everyone concerned.

As a recent reader, John Santos, from Lakeland, a retired professor of political science said, "It's a book of healing--a book of common sense. I wish every American could read it. It goes far beyond the abortion issue. The world is crying out for this book."

La Verde de la Vida can be downloaded for free at
or from Thanks, Sheilah Hill
P.S. I have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.